2016, I just can't with you.

Some days I forget there is no such thing as the future and that the past is literally a figment of our imagination. I forget that thoughts and feelings are constantly arising and passing like clouds and that I am beyond them. I worry and fret about my life and then I remember that life isn't something I have, it's something I am. In those moments, I thank God for The Power of Now.

Die to the past every moment. You don’t need it. Feel the power of this moment and the fullness of Being. Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.

I've really been drawing from this book lately. Some days it is hard to tell we have the power to curate our inner state at all times. That we have the power to choose positivity over pessimism. That nothing is inherently bad or negative. 

That can be especially hard to remember in 2016. I can't tell what is more terrifying: the fact that so many horrific events are taking place in such rapid succession, or how the media and politicians use each and every one of them to promote their own agendas.

Speaking of politicians, this election. I just can't. 

I was lost when it came to US politics. So I researched it a bit. I wish I was lost again.

New Hampshire. Bernie wins but then Hillary wins because super delegates. 

Super delegates. Rich former politicians step in to tip the scales in favour of their friends. There are 714 total. Hillary gets 571. 

Nevada. Sixty-four Bernie delegates barred from entering. Hillary wins by less than sixty-four.

Emails. The Democratic National Committee demonized their own Democratic candidate and edged him out of the Democratic race. Then Hillary won because democracy. I just can't.

Hillary. She knew the Benghazi attack was going to happen and then lied under oath about it. She also knew the US was sending arms to Libya that ultimately fuel a faction of Islamic extremists called ISIS. Can't.

ISIS. Stop blaming them for everything. There is no such thing as an "ISIS-inspired" killer. Nobody is inspired by ISIS. ISIS had nothing to do with Paris or Orlando or Istanbul or Nice or San Bernardino or Brussels or the Germany train attack. They are no more responsible for these events than Osama Bin Laden was responsible for every horrible thing that happened after 9/11. The media tells us that so we don't wonder why bombs drop in "ISIS territory," like the one that killed 120 civilians in Syria a week after Nice. Can't even.

And speaking of Nice, stop calling it an attack. An unspeakably horrific event, yes. An act of unthinkable, gutless brutality against hundreds of innocent men, women and children watching fireworks, okay. But "attack" makes France the victim. And France means "The West." And "The West," means war. (Sidenote: WTF happened to Al Qaeda and the Taliban? Are they retired?) Can't.

Also, have we all forgotten that the planet is a sizzling inferno? I. Just. Can't.

In February, Future Tense wrote of a "terrifying milestone" for humans: February 2016 was the most "unusually warm" month ever recorded (previously it was January 2016). Remember that dreaded threshold of 2.0 average global warming that the Paris Agreement was purported to prevent? Yeah, it already happened. Can NOT!

It appears that average temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere have breached the 2 degrees Celsius above “normal” mark for the first time in recorded history, and likely the first time since human civilization began thousands of years ago.

Granted, The Economist did say] there hasn't been an increase in global carbon emissions in two years, which is something that hasn't happened in more than three decades. Also, Johan Rockstrom, formerly the most pessimistic climate scientist, is flabbergasted at the "breakneck" speed at which humans have been employing wind and solar energy. So there's that.

Speaking of wind and solar, why do 80% of homes on Miquelon have private wind turbines and solar panels? Why can't Newfoundland do this? I can't.

Speaking of Miquelon, I paid five bucks for fish cakes in Fortune and had a two-euro pain au chocolat an hour later. France is literally a 40-minute boat ride from Newfoundland. Can't.

Write here...

Write here...

Speaking of Newfoundland, it's my first summer here in ten years and its all like:

Sometimes it looks like this though.

That's why I travel. 

Speaking of which, I went to Vancouver, in February. It reminded me a lot of St. John's, in June.

Were Vancouver a person, it would be young, fit, healthy, and at least half Asian.

If Toronto were a person, it would be the young professional so exhausted from working ten consecutive eight-hour days and commuting for 2.5 hours each day that he never took a single pic the entire time he was in town, except one of the absolutely delicious indian roti he inhaled before scrambling to the airport.

And then there's Montreal, the city that I can never really leave. Even when I'm not in it, it's in me. If Montreal were a person, it would be really, really fun to be around.

Also, there's a gay waterfall north of Montreal. I go there in my dreams.

Oh, and one last rant: Stop comparing every country on earth to Norway. They're an oil giant with 5 million residents. They literally have more money than they know what to do with. Of course they have record-low unemployment. Of course they have high life expectancy and world-class healthcare and of course their prison cells look like honeymoon suites. If you were the Clintons, wouldn't you spoil Chelsea?